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Bianca Azzopardi

Head of Property Management

Bianca has over 15 years’ experience as a real estate specialist and in the context of property management. She is known for her outstanding knowledge of industry legislation and compliance requirements.

She brings to her role a keen understanding of the importance of delivery a premium level of customer care to both the investor and renter.  In listening to her client’s needs, Bianca has completed the award winning CSIRO Liveability Real Estate Specialist Training and has direct experience in speaking to investors and renters about these features and the lifestyle benefits they deliver. In addition, she was invited to participate in the ‘More efficient homes for low income tenants’ co-design workshop run by NSW Department of Energy Environment and industry and was able to provide vital insights into the role of the Property Managers, as catalysts for positive change. This combination of training and experience, engagement and market knowledge has given Bianca deep understanding of both the individual and the property under management.

Bianca brings a genuine interest in making a difference to people’s lives with a clear and concise communication style and a keen attention to detail. Bianca always strives to pinpoint a landlord’s needs and to develop a deep understanding of both the individual and the property in order to provide the ultimate customer experience.